HH Indie Treff #28 x Indie Developer Stammtisch

Twitch + Discord

This month our regulars' table will take place together with the HH Indie Treff.
We are looking forward to the upcoming collaboration and of course to see you!


Indie Developer Stammtisch x gamesAHEAD Stammtisch


This time we join forces with gamesAHEAD to continue our mission to connect Indie Developers across Germany in a special crossover event. Indie Developer Stammtisch is a place for everyone involved in game development to share experiences and to socialize. Ben Davern Business Development & Applied Research OpenBack gamesAHEAD gamesAHEAD is a network and exchange […]

Wonder Women in the Gaming World – Esports: Diversity & Inclusion

In the month that we celebrate the achievements of Women, Epiphany is bringing "Wonder Women in the Gaming World", this time on Esports: Diversity & Inclusion. The panel is divided into two parts, with women joining us all the way from UAE,Turkey, USA, Zambia, Canada, Nigeria and Pakistan to speak about the future of women in the Esports industry in terms of investment and career.

Indie Developer Stammtisch


In this edition of the Indie Developer Stammtisch we will change the procedure a little bit. The conversation with Marc will take place outside of Discord, after that we will meet as usual for networking roulette on Discord. Date: April 14th, 7 -11 pm Special Guest: Marc Berekoven from 4Players with the topic "game press & […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x G.Round

In the month we welcome G.Round G.Round is a community driven playtesting platform that provides market exposure and helps identify target markets while gathering constructive feedback from actual gamers to help developers polish their games and ensure the success of the games at launch. Date: May 12th, 7 -11 pm Special Guest:  Swit Khomapat from GTR […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Anchorpoint

In this month we welcome Anchorpoint  Anchorpoint  At its core, a version control system, improves productivity and in turn, contributes to more efficient and happier creative teams. Most importantly, it provides more room for what we really enjoy: being creative Date: Jun 9th, 7 -11 pm Special Guest:  Matthäus Niedoba from Anchorpoint Topic: Why it […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Magenta Gaming

In this month we welcome Magenta Gaming  ! MagentaGaming is the new cloud gaming service from Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Over 100 games can be played via the MagentaGaming app, including many popular and top-class titles. In addition to the included games, you can order more games in the store. Powerful servers in the cloud stream the […]

Indie Campus – Cologne


The Indie Campus - will provide assistance and suggestions how to prepare and release a functional game for an eagerly waiting audience.Developing a game demands a lot from any developer, and even more from fresh and mostly inexperienced teams working on their first indie project.With this in mind, it is not surprising that usually their […]