Indie Developer Stammtisch x G.Round

In the month we welcome G.Round G.Round is a community driven playtesting platform that provides market exposure and helps identify target markets while gathering constructive feedback from actual gamers to help developers polish their games and ensure the success of the games at launch. Date: May 12th, 7 -11 pm Special Guest:  Swit Khomapat from GTR […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Anchorpoint

In this month we welcome Anchorpoint  Anchorpoint  At its core, a version control system, improves productivity and in turn, contributes to more efficient and happier creative teams. Most importantly, it provides more room for what we really enjoy: being creative Date: Jun 9th, 7 -11 pm Special Guest:  Matthäus Niedoba from Anchorpoint Topic: Why it […]