Latest Past Events

Indie Campus – Cologne


The Indie Campus - will provide assistance and suggestions how to prepare and release a functional game for an eagerly waiting audience.Developing a game demands a lot from any developer, and even more from fresh and mostly inexperienced teams working on their first indie project.With this in mind, it is not surprising that usually their […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Magenta Gaming

In this month we welcome Magenta Gaming  ! MagentaGaming is the new cloud gaming service from Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Over 100 games can be played via the MagentaGaming app, including many popular and top-class titles. In addition to the included games, you can order more games in the store. Powerful servers in the cloud stream the […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Anchorpoint

In this month we welcome Anchorpoint  Anchorpoint  At its core, a version control system, improves productivity and in turn, contributes to more efficient and happier creative teams. Most importantly, it provides more room for what we really enjoy: being creative Date: Jun 9th, 7 -11 pm Special Guest:  Matthäus Niedoba from Anchorpoint Topic: Why it […]