Indie Campus – Cologne

The Indie Campus – will provide assistance and suggestions how to prepare and release a functional game for an eagerly waiting audience.

Developing a game demands a lot from any developer, and even more from fresh and mostly inexperienced teams working on their first indie project.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that usually their focus is 100% on game engines, gameplay and their creative ideas. Important factors such as user retention, community building and even finances are quickly pushed into the background.

The Indie Campus – Cologne | Retention and Monetization Summit powered by 4Players will provide assistance and suggestions on how to keep the focus on the game, and while still creating the right environment as well as mindset to prepare and release a fully functional game for an eagerly waiting audience.

INDIE Hub and 4Players are happy to invite indie teams, freelancer and students to join informative lectures, workshops and discussions.

Our Speakers

Phillip Schuster
CEO at  4Players GmbH

Anette Dahlstrøm Ståløy – Chief Marketing Officer at Dirtybit
Co-founder of Women in Games Norway.

Don Daglow
Game Designer | Exec Producer | Emmy® Award winner | Best-Selling Author & Narrative Designer

Astrid Gooding 
Head of Events, devcom



Dominik Lauf
Program Lead & CPO Magenta Gaming (Deutsche Telekom)

Michael Schade 
CEO & Co-Founder at ROCKFISH Games GmbH

Gregor Ebert
PR Manager at Headup GmbH



Thomas Gueridon
Co-Founder & CEO of Playthora

Fabian Boulegue 
Producer at Aerosoft GmbH

Martine Spaans
Founder of Tamalaki
Angel Investor at Midgame Fund

Seren Besorak
Co-Founder & CEO of TriTri Games

Mathias Richter
(Associate Director) Digital & Strategy at StoryMachine GmbH

Sven Paulsen
Head of Voice & Streaming Technologies bei 4Players GmbH



JP van Seventer
Managing Director at Dutch Game Garden

Tobias Edl
Head of New Business Relations at Whow Games GmbH

Ahmed Hisham Hendy
Game Designer



Matthijs Van De Laar 
Creative Director at Twirlbound

Tomas Sala
Solo Game Developer working on The Falconeer

Christopher Wulf 
Business Development Consultant

René Otto
Attorney at law at Van Iersel Luchtman

Martyna Neumann-Baranowska
Senior Marketing Manager at sheepyard

Jay Shin
Director of Arrogant Pixel Ltd

Marvin Eschenauer
Head Of Business & Growth at Bytro

Richard Rampas
Community Manager Volcanoids

Sven Siemen
Geschäftsführer bei WASD Media GmbH

David Jimenez
Co-Founder & Lead Designer of 2Awesome Studio

We would like to thank our partners for their support and commitment.